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Top 4 Accomplishments of Studio Moderna After the Implementation of a New CX Programme






01/2022 →

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We have been working with Studio Moderna Czech Republic on the implementation of a new, successful CX programme that would improve overall customer satisfaction.
The Czech branch is a perfect example of how to effectively use actionable feedback to improve customer experience, satisfaction and internal processes in just 4 weeks.


After every customer visit, call, or another specific contact, we request feedback via SMS/email, and we also collect spontaneous feedback through QR codes. In addition to CSAT and NPS metrics, we are measuring satisfaction with Staff Approach and Purchase as such.

Customer Experience

Top Solutions Used

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Thanks to the insights, Studio Moderna CZ was able to uncover several pain points and immediately acted on the findings:

#1 Fixing delayed stock

Most customers reacted to stock availability and order delay. Studio Moderna is already preparing a large project to automatise the shipping process. In the meantime, they are informing customers about their order status.

#2 Bigger transparency for customers

Many customers reported that they lack an overview of their purchase and order status. Studio Moderna improved its transparency and communication by replying to all customers, educating the customer service, and providing new guidelines for agents on how to reply to customers.

#3 Immediate website bug fixes

Not every bug can be caught by testers. Thanks to the customer feedback, several website bugs were uncovered and immediately resolved. For instance, confused customers cancelled their orders due to incorrect order values. Providing an explanation about the actual price and fixing the order process will ensure a smooth online purchase in the future.

#4 No single dissatisfied customer left unattended

All feedback needs a response. Studio Moderna began contacting all customers who leave negative feedback with an aim to resolve their issues instead of ignoring them. No dissatisfied customer is left unattended.

Higher Conversion Rate

Thanks to the systematic collection of customer feedback through the Staffino platform,
Studio Moderna has a 3.5x higher feedback conversion rate.
Studio moderna case study
Studion moderna

About Studio Moderna

Studio Moderna launched in 1992 in Slovenia with the idea to start distribution of Kosmodisk®. It is an omnichannel company with proprietary product sourcing, a portfolio of its brands, strong e-commerce, TV infomercial production know-how and in-house creative agency, its own contact management centres, and a multi-media strategy.

Studio Moderna has 10 brands of its own – Dormeo, Delimano, Walkmaxx, Top Shop, Kosmodisk, and more – and operates in 21 countries in Central & Eastern Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Russia.

Since I was looking into the feedback every single day, I even went to the teams, and I wanted to set up a manual solution instead of waiting for a project that has been postponed for so many months. We actually had a meeting about how to implement a manual solution because we were impatient waiting for the project. For me, it’s a great platform.

Aneta Forejtová

Aneta Forejtová

Customer Experience Manager, Studio Moderna CZ
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