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How to Use a CX Programme to Increase Revenue at Pharmacies

Proactive Cross-Sell by Dr.Max Pharmacists Improves Overall Customer Satisfaction and Generates Hundreds of Thousands of Euros in Monthly Revenue









Dr. Max case study


We have been working with Dr.Max on improving its customer experience for over 5 years now. Before 2018, the company relied mainly on mystery shopping. However, the collected data were inconsistent, low in volume, and of low interpretational value.

Staffino helped Dr.Max develop Mastery Shopping®, a unique campaign that enables the company to gather more quantitative data and opinions of hundreds of real customers daily through shorter, more engaging surveys. This approach makes it easier to understand why customers like or dislike shopping at Dr.Max pharmacies.


Our Mastery Shopping® module made it possible to ask dozens of questions split into different questionnaires measuring ​​CSAT, NPS, and other metrics to cover the emotional path of the customer, their loyalty, or upsell.

We measured each retail purchase with a loyalty card individually and the customer satisfaction was measured down to the pharmacists' approach. Feedback was requested via email and SMS.


Identify the drivers of positive or negative customer experience and increase revenue.

Mastery Shopping®
mystery shopping
mystery shopping
mystery shopping
mystery shopping

Top Solutions Used

Mastery Shopping
Staffino Mastery Shopping®
Staffino Standard Feedback
Staffino CSAT
Staffino NPS


#1 Attitude of pharmacists leads to a 25% increase in incremental revenue and prevents churn

We discovered that there is a strong correlation between the approach of the pharmacist and the average amount of purchase. The above percentage equals hundreds of thousands of potential incremental monthly revenue.

CSAT question
CSAT difference

Data sample: Customer satisfaction survey collected from 11,200 customers on 03/05/2021, combined with financial transactional data.

#2 Active cross-sell from pharmacists leads to a 15% higher spending

The data from our client's survey show that offering an additional product increases the average purchase value by more than 15%.

DR max question

The above graph shows the purchase value when customers were / were not offered an additional product. Data sample: Customer satisfaction survey collected from 11,200 customers on 03/05/2021, combined with financial transactional data.

Besides, a proactive approach of pharmacists leads to a 20% increase in the customers' overall satisfaction.

CSAT difference

Data sample: Customer satisfaction survey collected from 11,200 customers on 03/05/2021.

#3 Loyal customers return more often and spend 25% more

We have also found that loyal customers return to pharmacies 21% more, while online store customers return 37% more. The least loyal customers spend 25% less than loyal customers.


Data sample: Overall customer satisfaction survey over customer base (loyalty card customers), 1000 NPS feedback collected randomly on 01/05/2021.

#4 NPS improvement generates new revenue

A bottom-up NPS evaluation shows that Dr.Max's NPS improved from 69 to 81 between the years 2018 and 2021. This equals millions in incremental annual revenue.

NPS improvement

#5 Engaging employees via positive feedback decreases voluntary employee attrition

It is no surprise that recognizing employee achievements and increasing their sense of belonging minimizes attrition and saves money, which is otherwise spent on newcomers. We have also found that 8–9 of 10 feedbacks for Dr.Max are positive and can be effectively used to motivate employees.

Thanks to Staffino, we can now pinpoint exactly which of our branches have ongoing issues affecting the shopping experience and identify the specific pharmacists that have impacted our customers’ feelings”.

Ján Žák

Ján Žák

CEO, Dr. Max Slovakia
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