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CX Dashboards
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Personalised CX Dashboards for Your Customer Feedback Campaign

Create your personalised CX dashboards with KPIs relevant to your business

CX Dashboards

When dashboards and online reporting are done right, they are a practical component of a CX strategy. Staffino CX dashboards are an eye-catching visual display of all your survey results in the online experience management platform.

Our live dashboards allow you to report on your customer experience research, highlight key findings, filter out specific venues, employees, or time intervals, create view presets, share reports with colleagues, or present them to your stakeholders.

Drive Business Improvement with Custom Dashboard Widgets

Our online platform comes with a ready-made set of widgets – charts and tables used to visualise the CX data. However, we always encourage our clients to create custom widgets relevant to their business cases. The business analytics and code structure behind Staffino’s CX dashboards are highly flexible and can be customised to any specific requirements you may have.

As with any CX management strategy, the first step is to identify the CX metrics or KPIs that most influence your business outcomes, e.g. NPS, CSAT, CES, FCR, call centre AHT, etc. Combining structured CX data and sales numbers is a powerful way to reveal insights that might not be evident when looking at each source independently. A customised view of relevant data allows everyone in the organisation to make data-driven decisions that improve business results.

CX Metrics

How Staffino CX Dashboards Work

1. Structure and Level of Access​

Staffino CX dashboards allow you to create dynamic data visualisations and set up the level of access for the employees or teams involved. The manager can assign the users either editing rights or view-only access.

Every customer feedback campaign has a specific set of CX dashboard widgets that can be accessed on different levels. Once you create the structure of your organisation, designated employees and managers can view the dashboards as defined.

Exmployee Performance

Staffino tip: Try EX dashboards!​

You may also opt for employee performance dashboards, where employees can view eye-catching visualisations of their performance and personal KPIs related to customer satisfaction, first-call resolution, net promoter score, or any other tracked metric.

2. Reading the CX Data

By default, the dashboards display a predefined set of widgets, with the essential KPIs measured in your campaign. However, for an advanced dashboard overview, you can click through each widget and study the histograms, variations, heatmaps and other structured details for the specific widget/metric.

EX Dashboards

Keep an eye on specific countries within your global operations, venues or teams within each country, and individual employees. The live table will give you a detailed overview of what markets/teams/employees contributed to the good results and which need improvement.

In addition, Staffino allows you to check the response intensity trends, which can be especially useful while planning the distribution model of your customer feedback campaigns.

3. Filtering

Staffino allows you to conveniently filter out smaller portions of your data and save created views as presets for easy access later on. 

For example, you can filter data collected during a specific period, only view data for a particular country, department or employee, or apply filters to individual widgets. You can also filter your data based on custom-set attributes relevant to your operations, such as customer type or contact reason, and even combine more than one filter.

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