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Mastery Shopping
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Mastery Shopping®

Next level of mystery shopping. Don’t be dependent on one mystery shopper visit when you have hundreds of your own opinionated customers

Mystery Shopping

Staffino’s Mastery Shopping® is a unique feedback campaign launched in response to clients’ demand to get more quantitative data than the traditional mystery shopping model offers. We have been developing this innovative approach to the customer shopping experience for years side by side with some of our clients, and it soon became popular among others too.

It is now a new standard intended to be used as a direct replacement for mystery shopping or as its supplement.

Just ask your real customers!

The biggest issue with mystery shoppers is that they are not your customers. They don't know much about the processes they assess, their opinion is often biased, and the whole experience doesn't reflect the real situation. Besides, they are often revealed by staff members, who can then adjust their behaviour and skew results. Don't you think your customers will do a better job?


How does it differ from the traditional approach?

Once in a month or even once every 6 months
Daily, ongoing
1 feedback report per POS monthly or quarterly
Tens of feedback per POS per month,
hundreds of feedbacks per POS annually
The data sample size is too small for uncovering
variation or trends
POS level
Enough data to uncover variations and trends
Seller level
Visible variation and development
More than 80% of customer feedback comes
with verbatims
Staged, unnatural interaction of the mystery
shopper and the seller (both know how to play it)
Real, unbiased customer insights &
perception from the customer standpoint
Too expensive for most businesses
You can save up to 40% on the annual cost
of mystery shopping

Ask the right questions in an engaging way

Mastery Shopping® method provides deep insight into customer satisfaction with key sales and customer-related processes conducted within the store. Together with you, we will select relevant questions and arrange them into several question sets.

Each question set and each individual question within it has its own weight, which is considerably more effective than the “hit or miss” approach used in traditional mystery shopping.

What's the main benefit of this method? Instead of one long survey, the questions are combined into several groups of up to 4 questions. The customers are more willing to answer a shorter, engaging questionnaire and in return, you get a sufficiently large sample of people.

mystery shopping
mystery shopping

Customised live dashboards

Some of the standard widgets included:
  • Line graph
  • Bar chart
  • Mixed chart
  • Pie chart
  • Gauge
  • Radar chart
  • Heat map
  • Map
  • Top numbers
  • Modern online feedback gathering via email and SMS allows you to analyze real-time data on beautifully designed, comprehensive dashboards. Analyze the insights and use the output to bring your CX game to the next level.

    Mastery Shopping® in practice

    Dr. Max
    • 3000 pharmacies
    • 7 countries
    • 3rd largest pharma group in Europe

    Our client Dr.Max effectively used the gathered data to improve the overall customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue by selling more to loyal customers. The company's NPS improved from 69 to 81, which equals millions in incremental annual revenue.

    Increase in average purchase by 15%

    Mastery Shopping® uncovered that a proactive upsell by pharmacists increases the average value of the purchase by 15%.
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