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Experience Management

Today's society craves experiences, not things. Become an experience company and earn the highest possible revenue.

What Is Experience Management?

Experience is a set of perceptions people associate with an organisation based on all interactions they have had with it. Experience management (XM) is a process of tracking and analysing the interactions people experience with an organisation in order to improve these interactions.

These people can be either employees or customers; therefore, we recognise two disciplines of experience management – customer experience and employee experience.


How Experience Management Works

1. Measure

Companies often invest in the wrong areas because of a lack of data. The first step is understanding the people and their needs, which is why experience management starts with measuring subjective experiences by collecting employee and customer feedback.

2. Analyse

Once the data has been collected, it is time to analyse and visualise it through performance dashboards or other reporting tools. This enables companies to make data-driven decisions.

3. Correct

Once the data from the customer or employee feedback is analysed and the root causes are uncovered, it is time to determine corrective actions and set a suitable experience management strategy to prevent negative experiences, preferably with automation.

4. Nurture

People's needs change. That is why it is crucial to regularly reevaluate the experience management strategy and continually optimise the experiences according to the present market. Companies that have been on their experience management journey for some time have also moved from problem detection to a more proactive approach, where they detect issues before people's experiences are affected.

The Goal of Experience Management

The goal of experience management is to use the gathered data to understand and improve people's overall experience with an organisation in order to get the highest possible EBITDA. Experience-centric organisations worldwide know that experience is a unique selling point essential for building a loyal customer base and retaining top talents in today's market.

Link XM to Your Business

There is an evident link between the customer and employee experience, meaning that satisfied employees create satisfied customers and thus directly impact the business bottom line.

Here are some of the main benefits of delivering top-notch experiences:

Low employee turnover
Increased customer loyalty
Improved brand image & awareness
Easier recruiting
Lower churn
Improved process performance
Higher employee engagement
Higher NPS & CSAT
Increased savings
Better performance
Repeated purchases & higher spending
Increased revenue

For real-world examples of how companies benefit from improving their experience management, see our case studies.

Experience Management in Staffino

The Staffino Experience Management Platform is modern, intelligent and easy-to-use technology that helps companies manage interactions with their employees and customers. Our agile platform fits any company's needs regardless of size or industry, and it is trusted by over 50 of the world's leading brands in over 30 countries.

Staffino XM products help our clients design superior experiences, which create ongoing employee and customer loyalty and uncover new revenue opportunities.

CX Dashboards

Before We Start

Before we even start collecting employee and customer feedback, we help clients assess which experiences need improvements, adapt the strategy accordingly, and evaluate the progress.

We won't only show you a graph and average numbers like many others, but we will also propose specific corrective actions based on the gathered feedback, which you can implement. From the beginning, everything will be set to answer all your questions about the link between your business results and experience management.

At Staffino, we understand that experience management is not just about collecting data but about making people happier.

Tomáš Rosputinský

Tomáš Rosputinský

CEO, Staffino
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