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Customer Experience Surveys

Collect genuine customer feedback in an engaging way to increase response rate and statistical validity

Staffino Feedback Campaign Is Your New Customer Survey

Designing and running customer experience surveys has never been easier!

Staffino is an incredibly versatile survey platform which allows you to collect actionable feedback from your customers daily and map B2B or B2C customer journey through effective targeted customer experience surveys.

Listen to your customers' voices, get proactive, and enhance their experience.


Build Your First CX Survey in a Matter of Minutes

Our easy-to-use online platform will help you quickly create engaging feedback campaigns with a drag & drop tool. You can choose from ready-to-go question templates related to top customer experience KPIs that can be easily customised to match your brand identity and fit your business needs.

flow editor
  • Create and edit
  • Reuse (Library)
  • Reorder
  • Create structure
  • Set required questions
  • Conditions
  • Stylise
  • Edit while active
  • Randomise
  • Design Smart Campaigns With Advanced Logic

    Ask the right questions in a structured manner by setting relevant conditions, and get the most out of your customer feedback program.

    Automated CX Survey Distribution Through Different Channels

    With Staffino, you can choose to distribute the feedback campaigns manually or automatically. For full automation, set specific triggers and link surveys to the desired stage of the customer journey.

    You can distribute your customer surveys via email or SMS with a shortened link, and you can also opt for spontaneous QR code surveys. Want to sync your feedback campaign with external reviews received? No problem! Our platform can also integrate and analyse feedback from external feedback tools such as Google reviews.

    Get a Holistic View of the Customer Journey

    Map every stage of the customer journey, including onboarding, in-store and online purchases, or customer service interactions, and get insights into customer satisfaction with your staff, products, website, and more. Types of customer survey depend on what you want to achieve, and our CX consultants are ready to help you choose the right ones.

    Website Feedback
    Purchase Feedback
    Product Feedback
    Staff Feedback
    Event Feedback
    Transactional NPS
    Relational NPS
    Customer Satisfaction
    First Call Resolution
    Customer Effort Score
    Customer Exit Surveys
    Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Next Step: Feedback Management

    Staffino works as a shared virtual workspace, where you can unite teams and employees, and all collected feedback can be made either private or visible.

    Customer closed-loop feedback management through Staffino will help you uncover critical process gaps, lead internal discussions with employees, recognise best performers or identify those who need further training. In addition, the gathered customer feedback will provide real-time insights into customers' experience with your organisation so that you can quickly follow up with individual customers and optimise the customer journey.

    Get started

    Ready to elevate your customer experience surveys to new heights? Take the first step with Staffino today!

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    Do you have questions?
    Contact us

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