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Driving Sales Growth through Enhanced Customer Loyalty in the Pharmacy Sector

Alphega Romania Achieves Unrivaled NPS in the Local Pharmacy Market






91.40 pp.


06/2022 → present

About Alphega

Alphega Pharmacy is a leading network of independent pharmacists across Europe. The company focuses on providing personalised healthcare and well-being services to its local communities. The company's mission is to ensure that its pharmacies are the first choice for health and daily living, providing trusted, personal customer service tailored to individual needs.


In June 2022, Alphega Romania initiated a partnership with Staffino. Alphega utilised our advanced online customer experience platform to simplify and optimise the process of collecting and managing customer feedback. This strategic approach enabled a more comprehensive understanding and analysis of the evolving needs of their patients.


The ultimate objective was to evaluate key customer experience metrics and identify their interconnections with business data. This would help in revealing potential areas for revenue growth and tailoring the services to better meet the unique needs of each patient.


Alphega leveraged Staffino online platform to gather customer feedback via SMS following every transaction. The primary focus was on crucial customer experience metrics such as CSAT and NPS. Additionally, the company also evaluated the approach and professionalism of their pharmacists.

This wealth of data was then analysed under the guidance of a customer experience consulting expert from Staffino. The objective was to identify potential inconsistencies and discover untapped revenue opportunities.

Top Solutions Used

Staffino Standard Feedback
Staffino NPS
Staffino CSAT
CX Consulting Services
Staffino CX Consulting

Key Findings

1. Alphega tops NPS rankings in Romanian market

In the Romanian market, Alphega Pharmacy has set a significant benchmark by achieving the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) compared to its competitors. The NPS is a key performance indicator that measures customer satisfaction and loyalty. Remarkably, Alphega has reached a score of 91.40 pp. on this scale, demonstrating its exceptional success in delivering superior service and fostering customer loyalty. This accomplishment not only underscores Alphega's commitment to customer satisfaction but also positions the company as a leader in the Romanian pharmacy industry.

2. Loyal customers spend 7% more per purchase

A closer study of NPS Promoters offers significant insights into the potential for increased sales opportunities. The research clearly demonstrates that these customers, who are typically characterised by their loyalty and satisfaction, tend to spend an additional 7% more per purchase. This translates into an increased expenditure of €1.4 per transaction. This finding highlights the value of cultivating a strong customer base of NPS promoters or loyal customers, as they not only contribute to a steady revenue stream but also provide opportunities for enhanced profits. Therefore, businesses should prioritise strategies aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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