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How Slovnaft a MOL Group branch engaged front line staff

Complex CX management for the whole retail group.




08/2015 →

customer experience strategy


After a purchase we trigger email requests to customers about their experience.
Feedback starts with collecting spontaneous insight.

This is followed by standardized metrics (CSAT) on 4 attributes. Atributes can be changed flexibly based on season, business campaign or any other preference.


Identify drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
Monitor drivers on a daily basis via transactional surveys (requested feedback).

Identify quick wins (what and where to fix). Set KPIs and create universal reporting process to be able rewarding of best performers.

Engage partners - service station owners. Engage frontline staff and recognize the best performers.

Customer Experience Consulting Services

Solution used

Staffino Standard Feedback
Staffino CSAT
Slovnaft usecase


We identified 3 basic drivers of satisfaction/dissatisfaction and started to monitor these on daily basis.

Each month we are able to identify the best/lowest performing service stations.

Efficient allocation of training resources, based on the identification of specific problems or processes by location.

CSAT Score

With a Retail Group average of 87%, we can identify which service stations need attention.High and low performance measurement can be adjusted according to pre-defined criteria.
Toilet cleanliness
Slovnaft/Mol case study

“Data provided from mystery shopping is very limited in volume. Now we have data from hundreds of customers and can more precisely understand specifically what needs to be improved – and where. Data is broken down through to the smallest service stations in the country.”

Timea Reicher

Retail Director, Slovnaft
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