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Volkswagen Financial Services

Driving Employee Engagement through an Innovative Problem-Solving Approach

Volkswagen Financial Services Unlocks the Potential of Employee Voice with Staffino




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2020 → present


About VWFS

Volkswagen Financial Services is a prominent financial company in the Czech market, specialising in the financing of passenger and commercial vehicles since 1992.

As a business division of Volkswagen AG Group, Volkswagen Financial Services has a portfolio of more than 20.3 million contracts across 48 countries and employs 16,267 people.


We have been collaborating with the Czech branch of Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) since 2017 and implemented major improvement tools at the end of 2020.

We measure a wide range of customer experience metrics, and VWFS also employs closed-loop feedback management, which enables them to respond to customer feedback and address their issues in real time. Furthermore, their front-line employees are also included in the process.


The aim was to increase front-line employee engagement by empowering them to take a proactive problem-solving approach in the closed-loop feedback process.


In the first stage, we implemented our Standard Feedback solution with closed-loop feedback management tools, enabling managers to discuss customer issues with customers and other managers.

VWFS CX Discussion

In the second stage, we enabled an internal discussion process that went beyond the traditional managerial dialogue. This allowed front-line employees to participate and contribute to the problem-solving process. The initiative was spearheaded by Dan Toma, Head of the Client Centre at VWFS back then, who proposed that employees should be empowered to start internal discussions. This feature was then successfully implemented.

Top Solutions Used

Staffino Standard Feedback
Staffino CSAT
Staffino NPS
Staffino FCR


In addition to managers being able to proactively manage customer issues, front-line employees at VWFS can now share their ideas to help create a happier and more efficient work environment. Empowering employees in problem-solving has not only enhanced employee engagement and spurred innovative ideas for improvement but also increased customer satisfaction.

This change resulted in a more streamlined communication process and enabled a better understanding of customer needs. Moreover, it has allowed managers to take corrective actions quickly, providing an enhanced customer experience.

internal discussion

Today, it is already standard for us that in the case of receiving a comment from our customer, the employee will automatically send a message about this particular case to the manager in the application. This way, we do not only get the employee’s view of the situation but possibly also an idea for improvement.

Dan Toma

Operations Specialist Europe, VWFS
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