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Retail Customer Experience Solutions

Unlock Superior Shopping Experiences with Our AI-Driven CX & EX Products


Retail Customer
Experience Solutions

Unlock Superior Shopping Experiences
with Our AI-Driven CX & EX Products

Helping the World's Leading Brands Improve Experiences

Staffino is not just about satisfying your retail customers – it’s about delighting them! For many years, we’ve been partnering with retail giants across the globe to elevate their experience management and uncover new revenue streams.

50+ of the World's Leading Brands Use Staffino XM Platform

Dr. Max
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What Do Retail Leaders Say about Staffino?

Michael Bach Olesen

Some years ago, we may have believed we could never be this close to our customers. Now I really find we are, and this has made an impact.

Michael Bach Olesen

Retail Operational Director, JYSK
Ján Žák

Thanks to Staffino, we can now pinpoint exactly which of our branches have ongoing issues affecting the shopping experience and identify the specific pharmacists that have impacted our customers’ feelings”.

Ján Žák

CEO, Dr. Max Slovakia

Shape the Future of Retail Feedback Collection with Mastery Shopping®

The future is now! Don’t rely on a single mystery shopper’s visit when you have hundreds of your own opinionated customers.

Mystery Shopping
  • Place QR codes in your venues and collect spontaneous feedback effortlessly

  • Send out engaging customer satisfaction surveys after online purchases

  • Solicit feedback from loyalty card holders through emails, SMS, or messaging apps
  • Staffino CX Solutions Popular in the Utility Sector

    AI Customer Feedback Analysis

    Swiftly pinpoint the key factors causing dissatisfaction within a vast amount of feedback and determine immediate solutions to address them.

    AI Feedback Analysis

    Customer Retention Management

    Monitor customer churn accurately, retain customers before they choose to switch to your competitors, and save significant amounts of money.

    Retention Case

    Employee Recognition

    Based on our experience, 8 out of 10 customer feedback pieces are positive and can be utilised to enhance employee motivation.

    Employee Engagement

    Employee Performance

    Build a transparent workplace where employees are well informed about their performance, and identify high and low performers effortlessly.

    Exmployee Performance

    Case Study: Retail Giant JYSK Generates €1.7 Million in Lead Value through Staffino's CX Programme

    Danish retailer, part of the Lars Larsen Group, operates over 3,100 stores in 51 countries.

    Key Results

  • 350K email addresses collected

  • €1.7 million in lead value

  • €72 milion potential revenue
  • €1,725,000

    total lead value
    calculated at a conservative estimate of €5 per lead
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