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Employee Recognition
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Employee Recognition Software & Motivation Management

Embrace daily employee recognition and level up employee motivation management with positive feedback, gamified dashboards and open discussions

Employee Engagement

Get Happier, Engaged & Motivated Employees

The most overlooked method for boosting your organisation's energy is by engaging your team. When you gather feedback from customers regarding their interactions with your employees, you can anticipate a positive response rate of 50-80 %, regardless of the time, country, or industry.

Employee engagement software and motivation management

Gamified Dashboards for Employees

We place great emphasis on engaging your workforce and revolutionising the way feedback is communicated throughout your organisation. We are delighted to offer gamified dashboards that enhance employee engagement, allowing them to view their individual customer satisfaction scores and compare them with their colleagues or other teams.

Employee engagement software and motivation management

Maximum Flexibility

You have the power to choose whether your employees are exposed to solely positive feedback or the complete spectrum. Additionally, you can opt to have your employees receive real-time email notifications of feedback or a daily summary.

The genuine expressions of gratitude from customers that your employees receive have been proven to significantly enhance their morale and satisfaction, ultimately motivating them to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.


Encourage Employees To Share Insights

The resolution centre highlights the manager's feedback, provided in the form of comments or questions. This Internal Discussion channel, which connects managers and front-line employees, serves as a valuable source for process improvement.

feedback to manager

Instant Appreciation for Your Field Service Technicians

Request customer feedback after every service call and keep an eye on your field technicians through the Experience Management Platform for SAP FSM. Motivate them with direct positive feedback from clients and identify the weak points.

Employee engagement software and motivation management
Employee engagement software and motivation management

Employee Recognition Plays an Important Role

Unfortunately, a staggering 70% of employees across the globe feel that they receive minimal or no acknowledgement in their workplace.

When employees are aware that their efforts in upholding brand commitments will be recognised, they are more likely to be motivated to follow through. Thus, it is crucial to incorporate daily recognition into your employee motivation management.

Boost Employee Satisfaction through Daily Recognition

Throughout our experience collaborating with numerous corporations, we have come across a plethora of exceptional ideas for acknowledging employees. These include granting extended breaks, providing additional days off, showcasing recognition on social media platforms, and presenting awards or even trophies.

With the appropriate employee experience management software, managers can provide daily recognition to their employees, boosting their motivation and making them feel appreciated for their contributions.

In addition to managerial appreciation, sharing positive customer feedback with employees injects a daily dose of positive energy, which is just as crucial as their financial rewards.

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