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Product & Services

Products & Services to Improve Employee Experience

Wide variety of EX management modules to improve employee experience

Employee Recognition

Engage employees with positive feedback, gamified dashboards & open discussions

Employee Engagement

Get happier and more motivated employees

Typically, the most undervalued approach to energizing your organization is through your staff. If you decide to collect employees feedback related to specific interactions with your staff, you can expect 50-80% of feedback to be positive. No matter the time, country or industry.

Employee Gamification

Try our gamification module and make work more enjoyable for your employees


Motivate your employees

Thanks to gamification you can make work more enjoyable for employees at call centers or brick and mortar stores, and thus improve the customer experience

Employee Peformance

Identify the best and the worst performing employees or teams

Exmployee Performance

Boost Employee Performance

Staffino's employee performance dashboards can help you build a transparent workplace and boost your employee performance through gamifying their daily workflow.

Employee Engagement

Understand what hinders your employees' productivity and what increase motivation

Employee Experience

Make Employees' Opinions Count

Understanding how satisfied or dissatisfied your employees are at different stages of their lifecycle is vital for delivering a personalized employee experience and increasing employee engagement.

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