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Product & Services

Products & Services to improve experience management

Wide variety of experience management modules to improve customer and employee experience.


Communicate with customers and colleagues in the most efficient & engaging way

Customer satisfaction surveys handled in our easy and modern interface allows you or your managers to respond quickly to customer feedback, so you never leave any customer unhappy. The flexible structure allows clustering of feedback based on levels of access, by region, or by customized unit structure.

Customer closed loop feedback management
Employee engagement software and motivation management

Engage employees with positive feedback, gamified dashboards & open discussions

Get happier, engaged & more motivated employees.

Typically, the most undervalued approach to energizing your organization is through your staff. If you decide to collect employees feedback related to specific interactions with your staff, you can expect 50-80% of feedback to be positive. No matter the time, country or industry.


Save customers before they decide to leave

Strategically focused feedback campaigns, across your organization and customer journeys, will help you to identify and retain customers that are about to leave.
We can identify potential leavers through simple transactional surveys or with specifically targeted NPS metrics.

Retention case monitoring
Customer Experience Consulting Services

Measure customer interactions and satisfaction with worldwide recognized metrics & manage improvement

You should consider that the primary drivers of NPS are Product, Services, Offers (pricing & packages), Convergence, Showroom (online or physical), Branding and Advertising, and an Organization’s Social media reputation.

They have great potential to promote positive customer experience.


Run our Customer Feedback Semantic Analysis on thousands of feedbacks and identify quick wins.

A typical semantic engine analyzes text based on keywords. Staffino's implemented engine doesn't require keywords for its semantic analysis.

customer feedback semantic analysis
Personalized CX Dashboards

Create your own CX dashboards with KPIs relevant to your managers

Each feedback campaign has a specific set of CX dashboards that can be accessed on different levels. Once you create the structure of your organization, designated employees and managers will see the CX dashboards as defined for their daily actions.
The business analytics and code structure behind Staffino's dashboards is extremely flexible and can be customized for any specific requirements you may have.


Don't be dependent on one mystery shopper visit when you have hundreds of your own opinionated customers

Staffino's MASTERY SHOPPING is a specific feedback campaign we developed in response to client demand to get more quantitative data than traditional Mystery Shopping model offers.

Mastery Shopping®
Customer Experience Consulting Services

Our Customer Experience (CX) Specialists are here to provide a professional and independent second opinion

We offer a broad service that varies on specific use case, type of organisation and level of CX strategies already implemented. Typically we start with a strategic CX assessment.


Motivate and boost the performance of your employees

Thanks to gamification you can make work more enjoyable for employees at call centers or brick and mortar stores, and thus improve the customer experience

Gamification module in the workplace
Experience Management

Analyse your current CX, propose solutions for improvement and oversee their deployment

We provide a professional on-site experience assessment based on a specific use case, type of organisation, and the level of the CX programme already implemented.


Understand what hinders your employees' productivity and what increase motivation

Understanding how satisfied or dissatisfied your employees are at different stages of their lifecycle is vital for delivering a personalized employee experience.

Employee Satisfaction
flow editor

Collect Customer Feedback in an Engaging Way

Staffino is an incredibly versatile survey platform which allows you to collect actionable feedback from your customers and measure your CX through effective targeted customer experience surveys.


Boost Employee Performance and Identify The Best Employees

We believe that employees on the front-line need to be informed about their successes and shortcomings, which is why we provide them with an overview of personal or team statistics and customer feedback.

Employee performance dashboards
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