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Employee Gamification
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Employee Gamification Module for the Workplace

Gamifying employees is a proven strategy employed by top-tier companies to effectively motivate and enhance the performance of their frontline staff


Make Work More Fun for Your Frontline Employees Through CX

Motivating and engaging employees can be a full-time job. Many employees dislike monotonous routines, dealing with large volumes of customers, and conforming to stereotypes.

However, there is a solution to make daily tasks more interesting and keep frontline employees motivated and engaged: employee gamification based on CX. By leveraging customer feedback and CX metric scores, Staffino's employee gamification offers an effective way to enhance employee performance and satisfaction.

How Can Employee Gamification Increase Motivation?

With Staffino, you can now infuse work responsibilities and employee tasks with a touch of gamification.

By leveraging CX performance data and customer feedback, employees have the opportunity to earn a range of virtual badges based on their customer satisfaction accomplishments and feedback received. These accolades are directly tied to CX data, ensuring a fair and transparent recognition system.

Employee Experience
Gamification module in the workplace

What Badges Can Employees Receive?

Staffino's employee gamification offers a comprehensive selection of badges. Frontline employees can earn badges based on their performance or their engagement. We understand that not everyone can be the top achiever, but our engagement-based badges ensure that all employees can participate and be rewarded.

Furthermore, we value our clients and their unique requirements, which is why we offer the flexibility to create custom badges that align with your specific needs.

Boost Your Employee Performance Through CX

Staffino's employee gamification module is designed to create a transparent workplace and enhance frontline employee performance.

By utilising customer feedback data, such as CSAT or NPS scores, employees can unlock achievements, win exciting competitions on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, and earn unique badges for completing tasks. This system of rewards and recognition not only boosts employee morale but also encourages improved performance.

Exmployee Performance
CX Dashboards

What’s in It for You as a Manager?

The intelligent performance dashboards will provide an overview of the various aspects you’re tracking in time and help you identify best performers or those who need further training when it comes to customer service.

You can track the amount of feedback they’ve received, the results of teams, their members, how various employees and teams are performing compared to each other, and more. In short, gamification will help you gain a detailed overview of customer experience with each and every employee. When paired with regular performance-based incentives, you will nurture employees passionate about their jobs and committed to serving customers in the best possible way.

Does It Really Work?

Do you want to improve your firstline employees’ engagement and boost their morale? Do you want to see how gamification can improve your customer service performance? Leave us a contact and we’ll reach out to you.

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