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AI Customer Feedback Analysis

Run our AI-driven customer feedback semantic analysis on thousands of ratings and identify quick wins

AI Feedback Analysis

Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to gain insights into what your customers love or dislike? Look no further because Staffino has the perfect solution for you.

Our cutting-edge semantic engine is a revolutionary customer feedback analysis tool driven by AI. It has the ability to swiftly pinpoint the key factors causing dissatisfaction within a vast amount of feedback, regardless of the language used.

How Does It Differ From the Traditional Customer Feedback Analysis?

Staffino's innovative AI semantic engine goes beyond traditional keyword analysis. Unlike other engines, our algorithm doesn't rely on predefined keywords to perform semantic analysis. Instead, it automatically identifies and defines new topics, or "drivers" as we like to call them. This unique capability allows us to compare these drivers to the ones designated by you, providing you with unparalleled insights.

What sets us apart even further is that our AI customer feedback analysis is language and industry independent, making it the perfect solution for businesses across diverse sectors.


Main Benefits of Staffino's AI Semantic Engine

  • Unparalleled accuracy in understanding customer feedback
  • Seamless adaptation to any language – no communication barriers
  • Optimises your workforce and saves valuable time
  • Speeds up the resolution of customer issues
  • Improves customer retention and fosters long-term loyalty
  • Elevates customer satisfaction to new heights
  • Drastically reduces both Cost to Acquire (CAC) and Cost to Serve (CSC)
  • How Does AI Customer Feedback Analysis Work?

    1. Building a semantic model

    To begin, we will establish a semantic model tailored specifically for your needs. If we already have a semantic engine developed for your industry, the onboarding process will be exceptionally swift. We can also design new models that cater to specific business verticals, allowing for even more accurate data interpretation. Additionally, we can utilise any pre-existing customer feedback data you possess, further enhancing the effectiveness of our system.

    2. Reading topics on crunched data

    Our advanced semantic engine is capable of reading and analysing your customer feedback, effortlessly organising it into relevant topics while preserving the authentic voice of each customer. By uncovering the underlying causes of dissatisfaction, such as staff approach, pricing, delivery, and more, our sorted insights provide valuable information for improvement. Additionally, you have the option to specify particular topics of interest and monitor how they are reflected in the feedback collected.

    No longer will your analysts need to spend countless hours sifting through thousands of customer messages. With our quick and efficient AI-powered customer feedback analysis, you can promptly address your customers' concerns and identify immediate opportunities for success.

    3. Dashboards with the most accurate results

    Staffino's AI-powered semantic engine transforms customer feedback into actionable data with remarkable accuracy, resembling human understanding. You can effortlessly access comprehensive insights from the customer feedback analysis through personalised dashboards. The data can be examined across various time periods, enabling easy comparison over time.

    If your organisation operates multiple venues, Staffino's dashboards enable you to monitor the primary factors influencing each location. While certain stores or call centers may encounter challenges with staff approach, customers in other areas might express concerns about product pricing or the ease of using your services.

    4. Monitoring the trends

    We then closely monitor trends and track the evolution of satisfaction with specific factors over time. This helps us develop the appropriate CX management strategy for you. If people begin discussing a different topic, our AI-driven semantic engine will promptly identify it and incorporate it as a new driver.

    Staffino's AI Customer Feedback Analysis in Practice

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    3 months






    negative only

    customer feedback semantic analysis
    semantic engine


    Contact volume surveyed in transaction survey
    Conversion rate
    Feedback volume
    Negative feedback in %
    Negative feedback volume
    Reactive retention cases in % (based on our benchmark)
    Reactive retention case volume
    Success rate of reactive retention
    Average life-cycle of subscription
    Value of 1 saved customer

    Annual savings of up to €200,000

    Staffino's AI customer feedback analysis helped a telecommunications company save €200,000 annually by identifying and winning over churning customers who were about to leave for its competitors.
    Improve your CX

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of customer feedback you receive?

    Staffino's Semantic Engine will help you get it quickly under control, mechanise repetitive tasks, and speed up customer query resolution.

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