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The #1 Platform for Effective Feedback Collection

Craft engaging customer surveys in no time, measure satisfaction accurately, and gain a holistic view of your customer's journey.

Personalized CX Dashboards
Dr. Max

Discover Why Top Brands Consistently Choose Staffino

Personalised Expert Support

We're here to maximise your results through comprehensive data analysis and round-the-clock support.

Culture of positive recognition

Our platform integrates daily recognition, fostering a customer-centric approach across all teams.

Innovative AI-Driven Solutions

Our AI-powered tools streamline customer service and offer an unparalleled level of feedback analysis.

XM deserves a fair price-tag

Experience top-notch quality and results at a fraction of the cost with Staffino. Pay only for the features you need.

Features That Will Transform Your Business


Customer Experience Management

Measure customer satisfaction through our user-friendly interface, empowering you and your team to rapidly address customer issues and ensure every customer leaves with a smile.

Employee Experience Management

Utilise engaging surveys to boost employee engagement and satisfaction and gamify your workplace with performance-led contests and exciting virtual badges.

EX Dashboards

ROX – Return on Experience

Reduce costs, discover hidden sales opportunities and identify employees who might be missing upselling chances to increase your profits.

Achieve XM Excellence with Staffino's Award-Winning Expertise

50+ of the World’s Leading Brands Use Staffino

Ján Žák

Thanks to Staffino, we can now pinpoint exactly which of our branches have ongoing issues affecting the shopping experience and identify the specific pharmacists that have impacted our customers’ feelings”.

Ján Žák

CEO, Dr. Max Slovakia
Vladislav Kupka

“Thanks to the simplicity of the Staffino platform and the ability to internally discuss each case directly within the app, we’ve been able to retain 70% of customers who were likely to leave.”

Vladislav Kupka

Board Member, Orange Slovakia
CX brings money
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