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Customer Experience Consulting Services

Our Customer Experience (CX) Specialists Are Here to Provide a Professional Consulting and Independent Second Opinion

Customer Experience Consulting Services

We offer a broad service that varies on specific use case, type of organisation and level of CX strategies already implemented. Typically we start with a strategic CX assessment. We offer stakeholder training and CX management supervision, Data interpretation and Quick-win identification.

Do you have strategic CX management
and a team on place?


What are we going to do

  1. We access & audit existing data and CX strategy
  2. We propose process improvement
  3. We manage change
  4. We consult with your CX team

Monthly Agenda

  • Monitoring, reporting and interpretation of core CX results
    • Department level
    • Team level
    • Individual / transaction level
  • Variation analysis on an individual level
  • Trends, benchmarks, continuous improvement
  • Dashboards & results interpretation
  • Quick-win identification


What are we going to do

  1. We define CX strategy, including KPIs
  2. We deploy processes
  3. We train your team
  4. We supervise projects

Quarterly Agenda

  • Re-adjustment proposals on
    • Feedback categories
    • Questions asked
  • Product mix adjustment if needed
  • CX Targets & KPIs
  • Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction drivers re-evaluation
  • Correlation analysis

Quality monitoring

We help with quality monitoring and can guide you through processes
improvements. We have a lot of experience with internal CX
evangelisation, and this is too often undervalued. Short-term &
long-term CX project strategies, project evaluations and change
management is key to successful project programmes.

Customer Experience Consulting Services
Interested in our products and services?

Let’s talk about how to set up an effective CX strategy at your organisation.

Reach out to our CX specialist and learn how to improve your customer satisfaction to get the highest return.

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