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Orange – retention case study
200.000€ annual savings by identifying churning customers.
Customer base
2 mil.
Retail stores
Call centre agents
04/2017 →
Identify customer thinking of potential leavers and retain them.
Random recalling cannot identify all unhappy customers. Other feedback solutions were low performing. Needed to perform a quality check on as many Retail and Call Centre interactions as possible.
After every customer visit or call we request feedback via SMS/email. Besides CSAT metrics, we provide the opportunity to leave spontaneous insights. Automated semantic analysis identifies customers that are thinking of leaving.
Solution used
Staffino Standard Feedback
Staffino Semantic Engine
Staffino CSAT


Saved value - Reactive retention calculator

Contact volume surveyed in transaction survey
562 358
Conversion rate
7 %
Feedback volume
39 365
Negative feedback %
12 %
Negative feedback volume
4 724
Reactive retention cases % (based on our benchmark)
15 %
Reactive retention case volume
Success rate of reactive retention
70 %
Average life-cycle of subscription
18,00 €
Value of 1 saved customer
378,00 €

Total saved value

Per one month subscription

187 487,91 €

8 928,00 €

For us, it’s a completely new channel, helping us to retain our customers. Thanks its simplicity, and ability to discuss internally every single case directly in the app, we are able to retain 70% of all customers that are identified as likely to leave.

Ján Gabauer
CS Operations Specialist & COPC Auditor Orange
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