Retention Case Monitoring

Save customers before they decide to leave.

Strategically focussed feedback campaigns, across your organisation and customer journeys, will help you to identify customers that are about to leave.

We can identify potential leavers through simple transactional surveys or with specifically targeted NPS metrics.

Combining metric collected with semantic feedback ensures that critical customers are identified for your retention department.

Retention through transactional surveys

You can identify customers by simply asking them about their recent experience. A typical example is to ask customers about their experience when visiting your branch or calling your contact centre.

Customer 51006857952
Call Center operator
Assistant promised me that he will call back, but he didn't. Tomorrow I am switching mobile operator.

Retention through random NPS surveys

Sometimes a customer's decision to leave you does not relate specifically to their last experience, so collecting a randomized sense-check of sentiment relating to your company and products is a valuable way of capturing these outliers.

Customer 35664213560
Call Center operator
Few weeks ago my collegue shared details about his programm and pricing with his telco providers and I will tell you, it is much better offer I got from you. So maybe I will stop by there and ask.

More than half of all reactive retention cases that we capture via Staffino, we wouldn't have ever caught without it.

For us, it’s a completely new channel, helping us to retain our customers. Thanks its simplicity, and ability to discuss internally every single case directly in the app, we are able to retain 70% of all customers that are identified as likely to leave.

Vladislav Kupka
Board Member, Orange Slovakia

Saved value

Reactive retention calculator
Contact volume surveyed in transaction survey
562 358
Conversion rate
7 %
Feedback volume
39 365
Negative feedback %
12 %
Negative feedback volume
4 724
Reactive retention cases % (based on our benchmark)
15 %
Reactive retention case volume
Success rate of reactive retention
70 %
Average life-cycle of subscription
18,00 €
Value of 1 saved customer
378,00 €

Total saved value

Per one month subscription

187 487,91 €

8 928,00 €

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