Case Study: Call Center Saving $550,000 on Attrition by Engaging and Motivating Agents

Agents and other frontline employees often leave their job because of a lack of motivation, low recognition or because of psychological issues and stress. High voluntary attrition is one of the major problems at call centers and can cost companies a lot of money every year.

Different studies* show that a strategic program for employee recognition can lower employee turnover significantly and also lead to higher performance. According to these studies, almost 70% of employees consider praise to be the most motivating out of all incentives.

In this blog post, we will focus on our telco client that was able to lower voluntary attrition at their call center by using Staffino’s Employee Engagement module for higher recognition and motivation of employees.



This telco client reported approximately a 4% decrease of voluntary attrition at their call center in 2 years after Staffino’s deployment. A rough internal estimate on cost savings thanks to Staffino’s impact on motivation and engagement of agents is around $578,600 over a 2 year period, which netted a total savings of 7% based on a yearly labor cost of $4.07 million.. The client noted, it also helped operations focus on other root causes of attrition.

In 2016 they measured attrition rate caused by lack of motivation and engagement at 14.1%. After deploying Staffino in May 2017, they quickly noticed an impact with the annual figure decreasing to 11.8% and then decreasing further to 9.3% and 8.2% in the following years. While the company struggled with the overall attrition due to other root causes during this time, they believe the overall attrition would be much higher without Staffino’s impact on agent motivation and engagement.


Our approach

We consider motivation and engagement of agents and other frontline employees very important. We often see that customer experience and satisfaction are directly affected by the level of employee’s motivation, recognition and engagement. These factors, when at a higher level, not only make employees happier but also bring enormous value to your call center and business in the form of better performance, cost savings and even higher revenue. Staffino’s Employee Engagement module is an optional addition to our feedback solution but we highly recommend it for the reasons mentioned above and many others.

If the Employee Engagement module is activated, every time a customer leaves positive feedback for the employee, the feedback is automatically shared with the employee into their personal account. Supervisors can additionally comment and praise the employee, reinforcing the behavior and furthering the motivational effect.

On top of that, this particular client opted in for gamified employee stats, thanks to which every agent can see how they are doing within their team and also their team’s ranking among other teams, promoting friendly competition. Some of our clients go even further and add screens to their offices, live-streaming all positive feedback that is coming in.

To the surprise of many companies, on average 80%-90% of incoming monthly feedback via Staffino is positive. Although writing a comment within positive feedback is optional, 84% of customers choose to do so. We attribute these high figures to the fact that our solution enables personalized, humanized and engaging feedback experience to the customers.

These are just a few examples of impactful positive feedback that we have seen:


ROI calculator – decreased attrition

This calculation can be very complex when accounting for many different elements impacting the cost of voluntary attrition. Our calculator focuses mainly on the elements that are easier to measure, such as recruitment costs, training costs and reduced productivity level of newcomers after training period. Other elements can be hard to measure, and we do not include them in our calculator. Some of these elements are e.g. additional coaching time, additional work for IT team to get new employees set up, brand image impact, etc. Therefore, our calculation reflects only a portion of the obtained value and we assume even greater savings.


Would you like to learn more about our approach? Or see how much your company could save on attrition by using Staffino? 

Reach out to us for more information at: michaela@staffino.com
* Referenced studies: Bersin by Deloitte, The State of Employee Recognition, 2012; McKinsey Motivating People, Getting Beyond Money, 2009

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