Get more feedback from your customers

We have created a range of interesting materials to quickly engage your customers. Have a browse and pick out what will work best for you and your venue. Submit the form and our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Wooden stands
The perfect choice for restaurants, coffee shops or bars. Thanks to the simple, premium design, these stands fit naturally in almost any environment.
$ 20 10 pieces +
An attention grabber, they are easy and cost-effective to use, helping your staff to collect more feedback.
$ 4 10 pieces +
Classic stickers
Let your customers know you care about their opinions. Put up some simple stickers at your entrance, on menu cards, at the register, in locker rooms … wherever it will grab the most attention.
$ 2 1 piece +
Funny stickers
Looking for something a bit different for your venue? Try our new series of funny stickers that will make your customers leave feedback and smile at the same time. There are different stickers for different locations. We’ve created one even for your toilets.
$ 4 100 pieces +
Chewing gums
When it comes to customer service it’s the little things that matter most. Bring your customer their bill with a little Staffino chewing gum. It will both refresh them and remind to leave feedback.
$ 1 20 pieces +
The perfect time to ask for feedback is when your customers is about to pay. This simple card has instructions for using Staffino. Hand it out with their receipt and ask your customers to leave feedback to help improve your service.
$ 8 100 pieces +
Put your poster on the door, window or over the cash desk so your customers can see it clearly. It will catch their attention and bring you more insights.
$ 10 10 pieces +
A practical item to use wherever you serve a drink. Staffino coasters will keep your table clean and give your venue some character. Customers often leave their thank-you or suggestions before their glass is empty.
$ 3 10 pieces +
Easy to use, the stamp can be used on your bills and receipts. It takes a second and is very cost effective.
$ 35 1 piece +
Place wobler on goods shelf or at chashier desk to catch customers attention and collect more feedback on your products or staff.
35€ 100 piece +

Want to try spontaneous and requested feedback at the same time?