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For us, Staffino is innovative tool that allows us to collect, real-time, relevant reactions from our customers on the service quality in O2. We had been desperately looking for this in different solutions. We also use Staffino as a motivation tool for our front-line employees. The response rate has been a big surprise and we can see that customers in Slovakia tend to leave more feedback about good service. The co-operation of the Staffino team is agile, allowing us to implement our requests almost real-time. Using this solution pushed our customer experience management in O2 to a new level.
Radoslav Volný
Head of Online Transformation, O2
“It has been almost a year since we first received feedback via Staffino. We would never have expected to collect such a huge volume of feedback. The Thank-yous help us to maintain a good atmosphere at work and secure a positive attitude in our agents towards our customers. We were surprised that most of the negative feedback is not hateful, being predominantly relevant suggestions on how to improve our services.”
Pavel Tesař
Director of Call Center, E.ON CZ
"There has been a notable, positive culture shift and a huge improvement in team spirit since Staffino was launched."
Petrana Volčková
Marketing Manager
"It is a completely new channel, helping us to retain our customers. Thanks to it's ease of use, and the ability to discuss cases internally, we are able to retain 70% of all customers who are looking to leave."
Ján Gabauer
CS Operations Specialist & COPC Auditor, Orange
“The real–time feedback on employees and products enables customers to experience true flexibility and care even with the most trivial of services that our banks offer. Simply put, we are taking care for our customers and making sure they always leave our VUB branches satisfied.”
Martina Hrivnakova
Marketing Director
“We are trying to encourage emphatic behaviour and willingness in our employees, fostering a personal approach with respect to our customers’ individual needs. This has differentiated us from our competitors. We use Staffino to gather customer feedback and insight, and I am delighted that in the majority of cases the sentiment is positive.”
Mgr. Tomáš Slechan
CEO, Dr. Max Pharmacies
“Staffino is an easy tool for collecting feedback on our delivery agents. It is helping us to improve the quality of our business, not only in terms of the human facets of our service, but also in refining processes and operations.”
Andrej Hozlár
Managing Director DHL Parcel
“Using Staffino, we have sent not only our customers a clear message, but also our competitors — we are not afraid to look in the mirror. We stand behind our services and welcome feedback with open arms. Staffino is a strong management tool with a comprehensive yet easy interface for our customers’ use. I also appreciate the Staffino team. Other companies ought to take note of their communication and co-operation.”
Roman Demeter
Senior Residential Sales Development Specialist
“Staffino runs quicly online and we are able to resolve staff issues immediately. Staffino also helps us to identify problems we may have overlooked because of the routine of daily business. In assessing feedback, it is great that we can control the categories that feedback is given on, while the analytical dashboards are very helpful and we use them in our regular management meetings.”
Szorád Marek
McDonald's Nitra, Slovakia
Managers use their customers’ thank-yous as leading examples in their regular staff meetings. This is particularly useful as customers are explaining why they are happy, especially when they have been given exceptional or unexpected customer service. On the flip side, customer suggestions quickly identify our weaknesses and allow us to rectify them quickly.
Martin Matras
Quality Ombudsman & Customer Experience
Česká Spořitelna