Customer insight is mostly lost in between personal conversations…
Not anymore!

Staffino collects spontaneous feedbacks directly from your customers via the web and free mobile apps, giving your customers the opportunity to comment directly and specifically on any problems they have encountered. This reduces the risk of them later complaining online on social networks.

Once customers have located your venue, they can flip through the pictures of your staff or products. Based on their experience, they will either leave a suggestion or show their appreciation.

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You choose

What your customers can send feedback to?

01 Staff

Your success depends on your staff. Their performance on delivering your brand promise determines your brand’s fate. But you cannot be everywhere at once, safeguarding your staff’s performance. Through Staffino, your customers become your eyes and ears.

They will help you to see what level of service is delivered, at which venue and by whom. You will discover your star performers and your under–achievers, all from your customers point of view.

02 Products or services

Your products and services must be of a standard across your venues to ensure a signature customer experience. Your customers will give you valuable insights on the products and services you provide through feedbacks on Staffino.

03 Overall experience in categories

In case you do not want to put up the profiles for your staff or products, or your focus is more general, you can create high–level categories (ambiance, staff, service, etc.) to receive feedback from your customers for these areas.

Quick response

Hearing from you right away is magical for customers

My order was delayed for more than 30 minutes!
10 minutes ago
We’re extremely sorry to hear that. Your next order will be for free!
Wow, I’m impressed. Thank you!
Few seconds ago
Time has an amazing effect in either minimizing or maximizing negative feelings. Responding to feedbacks quickly surprises your customers in a very positive way. Instant responses prove to customers that they are valued and their feedback is too important for any delay. Fast and sincere responses that tackle problems effectively have a magical power, turning dissatisfied customers into loyal ones.

Quick setup

Registering a venue and creating staff profiles is super easy

It only takes a few taps of the finger to set up your venue, register members of your staff or create a profile for your venue’s manager. 

Mobile applications

Respond to feedbacks on the go

We know that you move around a lot. Our mobile app for venue managers allows you to respond to feedbacks anytime, anywhere, making sure you don’t your customers aren’t kept waiting and keeping them happy.


A small reward boosts feedbacks

Just pick a reward to give to your customers in return for their feedback. A cup of coffee, a dessert, or a basic lunch menu. This is very easy to set up in Staffino. Your reward will appear in our mobile app, motivating your customers to leave feedback.

Our system will automatically draw the winner and send you the name of your lucky customer. Easy!