Act quickly on the basis of real, high–volume feedback

The best way to serve your customers is to give them what they want, but the challenge is how best to find out? It’s easy—just ask them! Existing customer feedback channels have either become cumbersome, complicated or inefficient. Just think of the last time you were asked to take a “survey” and how you felt about it. That is why at Staffino, we simplify the process for you to request precise and personalized feedback, and make it quick and easy for the customers to respond at a click of a button.

3 steps

How requested feedback works?

It all starts with a customer using your service. This may be at a retail store, a restaurant, a bank’s branch, a hotel, a gas station, a university or even through a phone call to a call center.

Once your customer completes their transaction (purchase, return, change, etc.) it is recorded in your CRM system. Shortly afterwards, the customer receives an email requesting feedback on their experience.

Clicking on the button in the email, the customer lands on a page with the relevant staff profiles and service  in order to provide their feedback or simply share their appreciation. It’s quick and it’s simple.

Full automation

via CRM integration

  • The best option for companies with a running CRM system and large network of stores
  • Your CRM system sends out the requests
  • You get to ringfence your own customer data
  • All feedback is channeled through your CRM system

Semi automation

via manual import

  • Ideal for companies with a couple of venues who do not use CRM, or don’t have a mailing automation tool
  • Manual data import of customer emails
  • Feedbacks collected and managed through Staffino account
  • Higher flexibility with savings on implementation cost

Successful integrations with the world’s most popular CRM / ERP / Business systems

Clients benefiting from requested feedback

Look at numbers

Some facts about the requested feedback service from Staffino

  • 25% average response rate for existing clients

  • Real–time feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your service

  • Deeper analysis into parameters such as: Frequency, gender, region, age, etc.