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Realtime customer feedback on your staff

provides notable business improvements

You will identify your best performers and uncover staff requiring the most improvement. You can respond to customers, solve problems effectively and win your customers' loyalty back. By channeling feedback directly to managers, and sharing positive feedback real-time with your employees, you will see immediate business benefits.

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The STAFFINO feedback system is recommended by successful multi-nationals:

The STAFFINO feedback system is recommended by successful multi-nationals:

"It is a completely new channel, helping us to retain our customers. Thanks to it's ease of use and ability to discuss cases internally, we are able to retain 70% of all customers who want to leave."

Ján Gabauer
CS Operations Specialist & COPC Auditor
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Key features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Requests for feedback can be sent manualy in batches or automaticaly triggered by activity in CRM
  • Requests can be sent to any entity in CRM
  • Multiple email templates can be set based on type of interaction
  • Feedback is recorded directly in CRM
  • Strong analytics and trends
  • Feedback management in one place: reading, replying, marking, forwarding and distributing
  • Different roles and access managemnt
  • Easy notification setup for managers and employees

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How will your clients benefit from Staffino Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Immediate return on investment thanks to process improvements resulting from negative feedback and customer suggestions.
  • Motivated staff and increased team culture thanks to automatic distribution of positive feedback.
  • Strong analytics and trends, enabling decision makers to steer their business strategically.

How will you benefit from Staffino Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Easy sales thanks to successful case studies from various verticals.
  • Ease of setup enabling launch within a matter of days.
  • Saas subscription resulting in monthly, recurring revenue.

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