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7 reasons to leave feedback

Your opinion goes straight to a manager or owner

Your feedback will be heard. Staff and customers can see your thank-yous, your suggestions are seen only by managers who can solve it in a discreet manner.

Problems are solved quickly, easily and in a discreet manner

If you encounter any problems in a bar, shop or restaurant, you can easily get help from their manager. If you tell them about the problem via Staffino, the solution might be minutes away without you arguing with the staff.

Your kind words mean a lot to staff

People who feel appreciated at their work, are happier to work for you. Moreover, if you thank them for what they do, they might get a reward or even promotion from their boss.

Your opinion can get you a small reward

There are many venues that appreciate your opinion so much, they are ready to reward you for it! Leave a feedback and get a little something for it. At the end of the day, you’ve deserved it!

Venues get better thanks to you

No one knows how to serve customers better than you. Managers want to know your tips and advice, so let them hear it!

You can evaluate anything from a gas station to bank

Staffino works wherever you go and need to take out your wallet. Leave your feedback in a shop, bar, restaurant or even at your dentist, hairdresser or bank.

Step by step you help to raise the bar

By pointing out to the strengths and weaknesses, you help both, managers, customers and staff. Everyone benefits from the better service that typically gets 8 thank-you out of 10 feedback.

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