Ask direct question,
get specific insight

Set up a question for a sample, or all of your customer base. Start and stop Focus Group whenever you need to analyse your collected data. Let your customers help you to make your strategic decisions.

How it works

Little effort, big value

You can set up and launch your Focus Group in just a few clicks, with comperehensive controls on how you would like it distributed. You can send e-mail requests, publish a link on your website or run a campaign to gather your insight.

Rating scales

Net Promoter Score

Multiple choice question

Open-ended question

Reduce spend

Avoid the costly an time-consuming process of hiring survey or research specialists. Prepare your own surveys with ease and access the results when you like.

Begin when you like

Check incoming answers and ratings as it comes and have your data on demand. Do adjusments and collect desired volume of responses. Start, stop and return back anytime.

Make the right decisions

Listen to your customers and make decisions from an informed position. Evaluate your results and adjust accordingly.

You can watch and analyse results real-time

Q: Do you use Focus group?


Answer 1

Sure, and it helps us a lot.


51 %

Answer 2

I dont't know what it is.


12 %

Answer 3

Not yet, but we are plan to do so.


27 %

Answer 4

I don't see any benefit from it.


10 %

15 %


79 %

Requested and Referral

You can see the source of your insights

22 %

Conversion rate

You can see how many customers are engaged

Conversion rate is the ratio between Total visits and Responses.


Know your loyal customers

Would you recommend our service to your friends?

Use this simple question with Net Promoter Score tool to reveal loyal or critic customers and their comments on single screen.

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score measures the loyalty that exists between your company and your customers. It divides your customers in three categories: Detractors, Passives and Promoters. Customers are able to leave comment, that allows you to find out how you meet their expectations.