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Gamification Examples in the Workplace

Gamification Examples in the Workplace to Increase Employee Productivity Gamification in the workplace is drawing the attention of the world’s leading companies today. The reason organisations invest in gamification is

Reduce Employee Turnover: Keep and Motivate the Talent You Have Already Trained

Hiring top talents in today’s job market presents a big challenge for employers. It isn’t as easy and affordable as it once was, which means employee retention and minimising the

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There are various factors that can influence the customers’ perception of your company; however, some are more relevant than others. Call centres play a major role in customer satisfaction and

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2022

A remarkable customer experience is becoming a new norm for brands. It can increase customer loyalty and boost long-term business growth. How to stand out from your competitors in today’s

Effective Ways to Motivate Employees That Your Staff Will Love

How to encourage your employees to go the extra mile when the usual employee perks such as career growth, competitive salary, and team buildings don’t seem to work anymore? You

How Gamification Can Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation

How Gamification Can Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation Are you looking for a game changer that will keep your employees engaged and motivated? Stop racking your brain and turn employee