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The Importance of Digital Customer Experience

Nowadays, businesses face a real challenge as they transition from the physical to the digital world, with customer experience being one of the most challenging areas. Digital customer experience is

Customer Journey Mapping: Identify the Inefficient Processes

Customer Journey Mapping: Identification of Inefficient Processes from the Customer’s Point of View As your company gets bigger, its processes become more and more complex. Processes are an essential part

Watch the Webinar: How to Get the Highest Return on CX

There are various factors that can influence the customers’ perception of your company; however, some are more relevant than others. Call centres play a major role in customer satisfaction and

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2022

A remarkable customer experience is becoming a new norm for brands. It can increase customer loyalty and boost long-term business growth. How to stand out from your competitors in today’s

We Took Mystery Shopping to the New MASTERY Level

Do you still use mystery shopping in 2022 and wonder why your CX isn’t changing for the better? The concept of mystery shopping has been around for about 80 years,

How Gamification Can Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation

How Gamification Can Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation Are you looking for a game changer that will keep your employees engaged and motivated? Stop racking your brain and turn employee

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3 Most Frequent Questions About Customer Experience Management

3 Most Frequent Questions About Customer Experience Management Do you know what the acronyms CXM or CEM mean? Good for you! But do you know what they really mean? There

mall case study

The Mall Czech Republic Considers Its Customers a Priority

The Mall Czech Republic considers its customers a priority. A complex approach to feedback management proves that.  Collecting feedback and improving the customer experience is a must in e-commerce. Ratings and reviews

Cofidis – customer experience case study

Cofidis – customer experience case study Cofidis is a specialist in providing consumer loans, with 40 years of experience on the European market operating across 9 EU countries and serving

How to Get Feedback From Customers and Avoid Mistakes

How to Get Useful Feedback From Customers? Look Out for These 5 Biggest Mistakes Are customers satisfied with your services, products, and customer service, or what was their customer experience

Watch the CX Trends 2022 Webinar

Like any industry, customer experience (CX) undergoes change and is constantly evolving, and this year is no different. We took a look at what trends will impact CX in 2022

Webinar CX Trendy 2022

We invite you to Webinar: CX Trends 2022

Whatever 2021 has brought into our lives, it is now over. We can now look towards the challenges that this year brings. Each year brings something new to the table,

How to Measure Customer Experience?

How to Measure Customer Experience? Get to Know the Basic CX Metrics Customer experience inherently becomes part of your brand – whether you manage it or not. It’s the basis

Are you asking for feedback via email? Here are some ways to increase conversion.

Regardless of the form of the feedback, the way you get it is probably the most critical to the amount of resulting data. Asking for customer reviews via email is

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Is your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Purely Academic?

The 2018 Consumer Action Monitor Report (CAM) from Ombudsman Services highlights a growing trend in consumers; Passive Consumer Action .  The Report shows that despite the trend for businesses to flirt