Employee Recognition & Motivation

Engage employees with positive feedback, gamified dashboards & open discussions.
Get happier, engaged & more motivated employees.

Typically, the most undervalued approach to energizing your organisation is through your staff. If you decide to collect feedback related to specific interaction with your staff you can expect 50-80% of feedback to be positive. No matter the time, country or business vertical.

Gamified dashboards for employees

We focus heavily on involving your staff, setting new standards on feedback flow within your organization. We can prepare gamified dashboards for your staff, where they can see their own personal performance and compare with their colleagues or other teams.

Maximum flexibility

You can decide if your employees see only, positive feedback, or the whole range. Your employees can also receive e-mail notifications of feedback real-time or as a daily summary. The direct thank-yous employees receive boost morale, engagement and overall satisfaction.

Employees sharing insights

Managers feedback comments or questions are highlighted in the Resolution Centre. This provate channel between managers and front-line employees is a valuable source of process improvement.

Employee recognition plays important role

70% of all employees feel they receive little or no recognition. Employees who know that they will receive recognition for acting on brand promises will have stronger incentives to do so. Read more about how positive feedback improves staff performance, happiness and efficiency in our downloadable paper.

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