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Celebrate client´s and customer´s day by sending feedback through Staffino

This holiday originated entirely due to the customer and therefore we thought that it may also be the day when what most of us will send feedback. It can be a

Great Gatsby meme thank you good sir

10 meme pictures which say thank you better than words

Have you ever wonder how to say thank you in picture, without the words? You can buy a small gift or flower. If you are looking for funny way to

What are we the most thankful for

We easily get into a situation where a waiter, waitress or anyone else who takes care of you just please you and you feel like you should give him a

Ten Thousand Times Thanks

Last week our app reached an interesting milestone. Number of feedbacks left by users of Staffino crossed the ten thousand mark. We thought it was a good opportunity to take

These 5 rules help Pixar be great. Can they help your staff too?

In business, invention is crucial. But how to stay inventive and implement new ideas amid wearisome daily routines? A recent article by Ed Catmull, cofounder of animation studio Pixar offers

10 songs which say thank you better than words

Song is a good way how to thank you. We have picked 10 songs that say it for you, and they make for a pretty varied collection, with the styles

Three things to keep in mind when apologizing

Is apology a sign of weakness or is it, in the words of Lynn Johnston, the super glue of life, that can repair just about anything? Customer service reps, who

Out of the Wayra window

Wayra has the best office for watching random people from the window. It is in middle of Wenceslas square in Prague. Staffino team is accelerated here in Wayra. Thanks to

Staffino in Wayra

We managed to get into Wayra CEE. One of 14 Academies of Telefonica’s global start-up accelerator. The first time that we started to think about Wayra was in February. Our

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